The Behaviour Business 

How to apply behavioural science for business success

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About the Book

the behaviour business ebook phone soft coverIf you are in business, you are in the business of behaviour – and unless a business influences behaviour, it will not succeed.

In the last 50 years we have learnt more about how we behave than over the previous 5,000. This book shows how behavioural science has revolutionised our understanding of how people really think (or don’t) – and how we can use those insights in our businesses to influence behaviour and gain competitive advantage.

Richard Chataway works for the BVA Nudge Unit, a global consultancy specialising in behavioural change, and has experience in everything from getting people to join the armed forces, drink spirits rather than wine, and buy flatpack furniture – to developing the world’s most successful stop-smoking mobile app.

Introducing the leading thinkers and practitioners from this new field (and sharing dozens of real-world examples), Richard guides readers through the hidden influences, biases and fallacies that influence the behaviour of customers, employees, and business leaders alike – and shows how we can ethically use these insights to:

  • Powerfully attract and retain customers
  • Fuel true and lasting innovation
  • Stand apart in the new world of increasing automation and artificial intelligence
  • Change workplaces and maintain happy and productive employees and teams
  • And a lot more!

It’s time to shape behaviour instead of simply reacting to it. The Behaviour Business is the eye-opening, practical guide you have been waiting for.

The Author
Richard Chataway
Vice President, BVA Nudge Unit UK

Richard Chataway is Vice President of BVA Nudge Unit UK and founder of Communication Science Group (CSG), and one of the most experienced behavioural science practitioners in the UK.

He has worked in senior strategic roles for government in Australia and the UK, and for the four largest advertising agency groups, addressing behavioural challenges as varied as getting people to stop smoking, join the armed forces, drink spirits rather than wine, prevent domestic violence, pay for university tuition, submit their taxes, buy flatpack furniture, and take public transport – to name a few.

He has advised clients including Lloyds Banking Group, Google, Atos, IKEA and Unilever – and conducted training for call-centre personnel, marketing directors, sales teams, creatives, and everything in between. Richard is a frequent conference speaker and board member of the Association for Business Psychology, the industry body that is the home and voice of business psychology in the UK.
Book Reviews

"To make decisions while effectively ignoring psychological or perceptual factors is disastrous for business decision-making. It will take time to redress the balance – but thanks to books like this it is starting to happen."

Rory Sutherland
TED Talk superstar and vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group UK

"Brilliantly inspiring - with his warm, witty approach Richard Chataway shows practical ways for businesses to go from hearing about behavioural science to actually profiting from it."

Bruce Daisley
Author of Sunday Times bestseller ‘The Joy of Work’ and host of the #1 business podcast ‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat’

"If you buy one business book this year, make this the one. A handbook on how to apply behavioural science the right way for your business. Provides a powerful exploration of behavioural science and how it applies to the future of your business - the perfect guide for anyone who is looking to up their game in 2020 and beyond."

Paul Armstrong
Founder of emerging technology consultancy Here/Forth, journalist for Forbes, Reuters, and Evening Standard, and author of ‘Disruptive Technologies’

"Richard Chataway’s fine book attests to the power and profit of behavioural science in business. Displaying a firm grasp of the literature and sensitive to its thorny issues, on offer are effective behavioural solutions for all business types and sizes – practical and low-cost applications, honed over many years by a foremost practitioner of behavioural science. A great read and a business game changer."

Philip Corr
Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics/Science at City, University of London, co-author ‘Behavioral Economics. The Basics’

"The better you are at understanding and influencing behaviour, the better you’ll be at business. This book is a must read for anyone who has a business / cause / brand to grow. Richard has put his advanced understanding of human behaviour into practice in how he has structured this book. It’s engaging, easy to read, has many applied examples and strong theoretical underpinnings. Read it now before you miss out."

Adam Ferrier
Founder Thinkerbell, author of ‘The Advertising Effect: How to change behaviour’, Australian TV/radio panellist and commentator (Gruen, The Project, Sunrise, Celebrity Apprentice) and writer for TIME, The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal

"A breath of fresh air - a brilliant behavioural science book that focusses on the practical application of the topic rather than the abstract theories. Drawing on a wide-ranging set of applications, from launching the world's most successful quit smoking app to refining call centre scripts - there's plenty to interest anyone interested in the business application of behavioural science."

Richard Shotton
Author of "The Choice Factory"
How can you apply behavioural science for business success?